Do you know the audience for your media? Will it be for Facebook? Youtube? Instagram? What if you just need it for your website? Do you have a video on your business listing on Google?     With over 15 years of media production experience I am here to help you succeed! I have produced over 400 video's for Yelp, Zillow, YP, GrubHub, Air B&B and the list goes on. The packages I offer below are what these companies use for their social media advertising. The format works and I look forward to helping you grow your business! We use professional equipment to get the job done right.  

Business Video package                                                          Business Photo Package

* 60-90 sec.                                                                                      * Up to 15 Professional Images

* Interview with B-roll One Location                                              *  Images of business

* Company logo applied to video                                                   * Images of products/food

* Takes around 1 hour to shoot                                                      * Image of business owner

* 3 edits to video                                                                             * $175.00

* Background music added                                                             Sample Images

* Perfect for Facebook, Youtube,  Yelp                                          * Added Images Change Pricing

* HD 1080p                                                                                    ** Combined Package $599.00

* $499.00                                                            

* Voice Over add $75.00

Anything added will change the pricing                                  Contact: 

                                                                                                        Phone 864-423-1196